XR200 vs CRF230 head

What is the difference between an XR200 head and a CRF230 head?

The valve part numbers are different (and the CRF is cheaper).


Completely different engine. Nothing interchanges but some hardware. 'nutcase

Oops! And the clutch plates!

Maybe if you let us know where you are coming from... and what you are trying to do we could answer your question better.

What bike do you have and what are you trying to do?

Some parts interchange... but there are many things to consider.


the XR and CRF head is different. the CRF 230 head is considerably wider where the studs go through the head. i accidentally got one tihnking it was a XR200 head, because they look very similar.

I saw one on Ebay and wondered if it has bigger valves.


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