I was just wondering what happened to the DRZ475TT bike. It's been over a year since it was built and I wondered if a one year later report could be given. I think a lot of people would like to hear from it's owner about how much it's been riden, where it's been ridden, maintance, and if there's been any major problems over the last year.

I think Eddie still has it lying around. If not consider this a bump and maybe someone in the know will answer.

its being thrashed very often by bryan bosch!still alive and well.

That's asome! How about a report Bryan Bosch, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to read an up date. I'm thinking about doing a big bore to my DRZ but might rethink it to a big bore and stroker depending on the update.

Bryan and I trade off with the bike from time to time. The biggest problem I've seen with it is a tiny oil leak caused by my dumb ass pinching an oring gasket when I installed one of the covers. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, and the inability to stop quickly because the breaks don't work so good when the front wheel is always in the air. :bonk::thumbsup::cheers::busted:

Brian, what kind of milage or hours would you say it has on it now?

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