Help! Can't get the seals & busings low enough!

I am pulling my hair out!! I have followed the procedures for seating the slider bushing, washer, oil seal, dust seal and retaining washer.

This is on a 90' Honda XR250 - KYB forks.

When I do all this and do my best to make sure all items are seated as low as they can go I do not have enough room for the very top retaining clip.

I have dismantled all the components 3 times and can't figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong. I only need about 1/8" of an inch more and I could attach the top retaining clip - It's just A LITTLE too high.

The slider bushing is fully seated (I think) so that it is flush with the top edge inside the outer fork - it basically appears fully seated. I hope this makes sense, but I do not think the bushing can go any deeper and I don't see how it would benefit me if I could get it lower since it is so low in the tube already.

I fully hammered down the oil and dust seals one at a time using a homemade driver. I was very deliberate in trying to get them down as low as possible and FULLY seated, but still come out to high.

An thoughts?????

Are the seals aftermarket?

Yep - I was thinking the same thing....maybe the seals are to wide. I'll measure them.

Also - just curious since this is my first time re-doing forks, how much pounding do you normally have to do to the busings and seals? And how hard?

I'm using a rubber mallet and pounding maybe a 5 out of 1-10 scale. Where 10 is slamming the thing like a red-headed step child.

If the bushing is seated, and you are using the same washer between the seal and bush, then check the seal height. Also, you really need a seal driver to set the seals. Hammering the seal in should work fine, but there is always the possiblity that it is cocked side-ways.

I did one of my showa's today and it should take forcefull but not full strenght hammering, you should look at getting a fork hammer. I got mine at rockymountinatv, it really helps. When I hit them, they almost popped in. Did you get that effect?

Okay - thanks very much for the help. The extra space ended up being between the oil seal and the dust seal. You can seat the dust seal on top of the oil seal pretty well, but it was not enough.

Some more tapping with a smaller peice of PVC pushed it down the 1/8" I needed. I think it forms a really good overlapping fit with the lower oil seal. This did the trick!!

Thanks all!

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