River Valley

RV was good today not as dusty as I expected, still has some standing water in some of the sections. Got out before the quads moved in. Good time. :thumbsup:

Met a new rider down there today (AARP member) moved from Omaha to Colorado back to Omaha. We spoke how RV was back in the 70's and he told tales of the dirt bike mecca that is Colorado.

He wanted to meet more riders I told him about this site. Hopefully he signs on.

Sounds great. The more the merrier. I was in Indy this week. Have some maint. to do on the bike before I take it out again. Should be ready for next weekend.

Glad you had a blast, not sure when our next ride is.......soon I hope, got another full weekend coming up maybe this week in the evening......:thumbsup:

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