im an idiot

okay i thought id start a new thread for this as i really am an idiot, the reason my bike has been producing the same spluttering no matter what main jet i put in is because i have been changing the starter jet instead, :busted::thumbsup:

now i am definately an idiot. but i have the main jet out now, how do you get the small bit off the end to change the size? or do i need a whole new bit? im really confused now and feel free to laugh at me everyone :thumbsup:

The main jet should unscrew from the needle jet without disturbing it :thumbsup:

But if not you can hold the needle jet with a spanner (8mm I believe) and then unscrew the main from the end.

Neil. :thumbsup::busted::cheers:

Does this help

You're not an idiot!

You've simply determined once and for all, and to the benefit of all of us, that replacing the starter jet with a main jet is simply not a mod that works!

Thank you! :thumbsup:

Yeah, a issue like this arises almost once a week. you have lots of company. Live and learn. :thumbsup:

thanks guys ive got it all sorted now the 155 main is in and the starter jet back to standard, the bike runs absoloutly brilliantly, power wheelies in first gear now and is alot faster than standard :thumbsup: the gold plug doesn't seem to be an issue and is fully sealed up, thanks again!!! :thumbsup::D im well happy

Good deal. I had a feeling you did a real good job sealing the plug, so I would of been surprised had that been a issue.

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