400 sm clutch q's

Hey gang I am in the process of changin all the plates (friction, steels) and was wonderin if there is anything special I need to pay attn. to. I changed out the frictions once allready but she still slips a bit. This time I want to get it right so I am going to change everything. Any advice welcome

The first plates you install are special ones.

The order of assembly is:

Spring Washer Seat

Spring Washer (should be a little gap at the outter edge, if not remove it and flip it around)

The large drive plate goes on next

then the driven

then a regular drive

and so on

Any chance you can out that in lamen terms?:thumbsup:

Man, they are pretty basic, but I'll try.

The spring washer seat is well, a huge washer, fits on the center hub.

The spring washer is also a spring, but if you put it on a table, the outter edge is raised (unless you have it upside down!)

Drive plate has the figners on the outside

Driven plate has the fingers on the inside.

Does that help?

sure does..Thanks a heap, just couldn't differentiate in friction vs steel in the first version.

I had a suspicion. Glad to of gotten you on your way! :thumbsup:

You are talkin from the outside in correct? So the different friction plate goes on dead last? I thought it was the very first to be put on?

First to go on. My directions are in order of assembly. You cannot assemble something from the end to go to the beginning.

Yhanks for the heads up so far it seems to be a no- brainer (just like to make sure of things first) got the bike up and running again:ride: Now I have a different issue the :censored: thing is a year old:foul: Never another suzuki, I swear.... My hud is on the fritz wonderin if I have some sort of electrical issue...It blinks in and out but never settles in- Know of anything that might cause this?:banghead:

What is a 'hud'???

heads up display- speedo and stuff is all digital

I responded to you new post.

A HUD displays/projects the data on a windshield/faceshield. The DRZ is simply a digital speedo.

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