Bostwick 7/15

Mxpilot43 and I are headed to Bostwick tomorrow. Anybody else? Supposedly they have been prepping the track very well and according to Tracy and Carl, it is a blast. We shall see. My only other time there was miserable. :thumbsup: DonO, you want to come out? I can bring the trailer if needed! :thumbsup:

Track was in great condition. I had a blast but it started pouring after being there only an hour. :thumbsup: I plan on being there again this Sunday if we do not head down to Seminole.


do you read other postings???? because you would see I went to Bartow and Bithlo.

The reason (I suspect this because I see it a lot) the track is being prepped up so much is that Bostwick is the second FTR MX race on 9/9 (long way out but ...) and a great turnout is expected.

Anyhow where you headed this W/E, I'm up for a trip Sat.?????


We may be headed to Seminole this weekend...or Monster Mountain. Depends on the weather.

dave, did you know reddick is having open practice this sunday?

Dave FYI

Monster event Sunday

FOX BOOT CAMP, Fox is hitting key tracks throughout the U.S. to demo the new Fox F3 boot.

Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Capt Mark

Cool...thanks for the info Mark. Tracy, Reddick is fun if in fact they are having open practice. Problem is they have split practices and you only get 3 30min sessions all day.

ya i was mildly intrested but didnt know how you liked the track. i would have just about had to change tires since that track would have shredded my new s-12 i just put on.

Dont get me wrong, its a great track with some interesting sections...and the dirt is great. No reason to change the S12s....but I would still rather ride Seminole if it isnt raining down there.

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