Billet throttle ??

Every time I go down, which is basically every time I ride, I bust my damn throttle tube. Anybody used a good billet one? Any cons to a billet tube?

i use a moose .... not billet but regular popcan good

Yes, I always use billet throttles. I never even bother to ride a new bike with the stock throttle tube, replacing it with billet immediately. I don't like DNFs.

As for brands, there are many. Get one that's anodized, as the color is actually a lubricant to keep aluminum from rubbing on aluminum.

the anodized paint will wear out if you do alot of on and off throttle. I pop a little squirt of wd40 on the bars once a month and have no problems with mine. I like the Joker Billet Throttle Tube. Its taken alot of abuse and still works great.

The ProTaper Twister throttle tube is probably the best one on the market. It has a precision bearing in the end of it and a teflon insert on the other end for super smooth action. I don't like the billet tubes that that don't have the teflon insert because they will eventually cut a deep gouge in the handlebar.

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