a silent Thumpette's progress....

Hi all. My girlfriend Jennifer (Art-of-Riding) and I bought Pammy's bike last January.

On her second time out, back in February, we met gtsnowcrack, who was nice enough to take Jennifer around for a ride with just the girls.

Jennifer has been slowly getting more comfortable on her bike. We were up in the woods early this week. Here's a ride report and some photos:


I was wondering how she was getting along on her tricked out TTR, sounds like she worked some things out on that trip! Congrats

Cool! Glad to hear she's doing well! I have been there... that point where you crash so many times you just want to give the whole thing up. Funny how you hit a point shortly after that where things just start to gel, and you just can't seem to do anything wrong. :thumbsup: I LOVE my tricked out TTR 125, it's a blast to ride. Can't wait to get it back from motor mods and new pipe (been three long weeks... :thumbsup:)

Sweet! Glad she's having fun! That's awesome!

Its always good when you end on a good note and it leaves you craving the next ride!

Glad the little TTR is motorn' well for her!

Good to see she's having fun on the bike!

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