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Cool Gadgets for 2008 RMZ 450 converted SM

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Very nice gadgets for your 2008 RMZ 450 converted SM (Electronic Fuel Injection)

Power Commander! ($339.95, price for Quad LTR 450)

What is Power Commander?

The Dynojet Power Commander plugs inline with your bike’s stock fuel injection system. It uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style connectors making installation easy and quick. The PCIIIusb allows a full range of fuel adjustment, as much as +/- 100% over stock. Adjustments can be made either with a Windows based computer or by using the face plate mounted button adjusters. No permanent changes are made to the bike’s system. Once the unit is removed the bike reverts to its stock settings.


Hassle free USB communication - The Power Commander USB will instantly and automatically connect to the Power Commander Control Center software once it is installed. Simply "power up" the unit and connect the supplied USB cable to the computer and PCIII USB.

Onboard notes storage - The PCIII USB stores the notes from the map in the onboard memory. This makes it easy to see exactly which map is loaded. The notes, just as the map itself, are automatically retrieved upon connecting to the unit.

Individual cylinder adjustment - All PCIII USB units have a "cylinder trim" adjustment feature that allows you to "offset" fuel to one or more cylinders. Additionally, for advanced users, the PCIII USB allows individual cylinder mapping. Now each cylinder can be mapped individually throughout the entire rpm/throttle position range.

Enhanced "file compare" utility - The PCIII USB software allows you to compare two map files without the Power Commander connected. There is a numerical display as well as a brand new graphical display.

Easier to use "button adjustment" mode - The button adjustment has been made easier by introducing a "startup delay". This lets the user have enough time to start the bike and then switch the PCIII USB into "button adjust" mode. The ranges of the buttons are now displayed in the software. Simply connect the unit to the computer and press one of the buttons. Their ranges are shown on the screen.

"Expansion port" for upgrades and accessories - The "expansion port" allows easy connection of accessories such as our new ignition module, Quick shifter, Multifunction Hub, Pressure Sensor display and LCD display unit. Automatic map retrieval upon connection - As soon as you connect the PCIII USB to the computer and launch the software, the map installed in the PCIII USB will be displayed.

9V "Power Up" adapter - Every PCIII USB comes with a "power up" adapter which allows users to program and interface with the Power Commander on their desktop without being connected to the bike. Accelerator Pump - You can adjust: A) The amount of fuel to add, :busted: The number of engine revolutions during which fuel is added, C) The sensitivity of throttle movement under which the accelerator pump is activated.


LCD Touch Screen Unit! ($299.99, price for Quad LTR 450)

The LCD Display connects to any Power Commander USB via a “quick disconnect” cable. It is designed to remain on the bike and is weather resistant. While connected, the unit will display all available data from the Power Commander. When the optional Multi-Function Hub is also installed all of its data is available for viewing as well.

Multiple maps can be stored in the unit (requires optional SD memory card, not included). These maps can be sent to the Power Commander “on the fly.” Additionally, maps can be adjusted using the controls on the display.

The LCD Display has the ability to log the data being displayed later analysis (requires optional SD memory card, not included).


* Displays all Power Commander data "real-time"

* Allows storage & switching between multiple maps

* Data logging capable

* "On screen" map adjustments

* User configurable screens

* USB programmable & upgradable

* Active matrix TFT LCD 240 x 320 16 bit color screen


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Taken from thead at www.samotardforum.co.za




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Damn you, EFI... Just making bikes harder to work on when things break.

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these have bin around for a wile in the sport bike world. its well worth the $ I have one on my cbr It got me smother throltel respone and a 4hp gain w/ the stock exhaust. programing 1 of these is a hell of alot esayer than jeting a carb. espeshaily 4 carbs on a sport bike.

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these have bin around for a wile in the sport bike world.

Yup.....they have been around for almost 10yrs!!

I have one in mt RC51, in both gsxr's and my SV650 (which I sold). Today it's kinda like a must have device for Fi bikes.

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