where to order from OZ ?

hi guys,after some thought, i'm getting a yz4 fuel tank and seat

plus a full DSP system for my 98wr400

anyone know which shop i can order from in OZ ?(order online)

anyone have the website addy??

any help is greatly appreciated

thank guys! :)

Phil Tomlin Racing... You can get it from Harry in Oz's web page....

hi Mitch!

nice to get the reply from you

by the way,whose Harry?

do you have the website


Thank Mitch :)

hi Harry, are you here??

Harry in Oz has a web page?

He didn't tell me!

What's the URL?


Sure you didn't mean me "RodH from Oz" ?

Phil's site is under a sub directory of my 400 Thumpers web site

Go to http://www.400thumpers.oz-au.com/ptr/index.htm


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

2000 WR400FL

White Brother E-Series Tapered header, Devol Rad. guards, Renthals, WB frame guards, UFO rear guard and fork guards, Fastline braided brake hose.

hey guys,

really thank for your help!


Use Phil Tomlin.

I get stuff from him and hes really great on tech suport over the phone.

Has jetting etc for all pipes etc sold PERFECT.

BTW.. I'm in New Zealand.. thats how good he is..



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

hey Matt!

thank for your reply, I will mail him and ask more about the detail!


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