(2) Oldish guy tips...

First a few notes:

If you're younger than 35, don't read this.

If you ride where I ride or may ever ride where I ride don't read this.

I'm not boasting here, rather dispensing information that has helped me - big time.



Cornering tip:

GS corning video has some good stuff. Something that I've found has me working my way to feeling more comfortable in flat turns - here goes...

Work backward from riding a big berm, to a smaller berm/rut to even smaller ridges and tiny ruts. At some point, you're going to start searching out even the slightest ridge to hook into and ride. Since these small ridges may not be very long, you'll end up on flat ground and sliding. So basically this is a way to get into steering w/ the rear w/o just having to break it loose. Coming to the end of a small rut has you naturally leaned over and sliding. It's working great for me.


Rut riding tip (semi related to the above):

Find a rut in a turn and start taking it every time. Once you know where it is, in other words have the timing down. Start coming into it faster and faster. this will help develop not only rut hooking skill, but braking skills and cornering skills. Once you're cool w/ finding and riding them, you'll be seeking out even the smallest of something to hook into and ride and therefore go faster.

Since my "Oldish Dudes..." post, I've improved - noticably. :thumbsup: I'm telling you this because I ain't no hold out or sand bagger. I want to improve and I'm gonna share what I find. I still ain't "fast", but there's no doubt whatsoever that I'm getting thru turns faster - much faster. Where I used to shy away from ruts (mental), I'm not hooking them and going. Not 100% of the time, but far more than before and most importantly, with confidence.

What I'm also finding is that I'm naturally looking ahead and I'm getting used to the bumps and stuff inherient w/ MX just cuz. Coming up on and passing folks (mental) is getting easier too.


good tips - thank you.

I will add this to my practice this week. I need to find at least 8 seconds on my local track times to even be in the pack with the 30+B vet class. (i would need 10-12 seconds to be in the mix of 1-2-3-4)

After crashing very hard and breaking some ribs my very 1st time out a couple months ago - I rode a safe and VERY slow race this last week just to see if I could do it without crashing.

I think I can get 4-5 seconds back by jumping all the jumps (I rolled all rhythm and doubles this week and looked like an old women doing so). Your other thread got me thinking of this whole MX longer term and makes me not want to ride like a goon.

But I believe I lost more than 5-10 + seconds per lap to the other riders JUST in the corners.

Thank you for taking the time to share this information. It is very much appreciated. I look forward to more :-)



But I believe I lost more than 5-10 + seconds per lap to the other riders JUST in the corners.

My lap times have fallen like enron stock since I've been focusing on corners.

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