Anyone know;Helicoil kit size for valve cover bolts

Putting valve cover back on 2007 CRF250R and over tighten one bolt:rant: . Felt it slip a little and quit. Feel like I had better go ahead and get a kit and have it ready and hoping you all might know the bolt size or kit #

Also where to get the Helicoil ?

Thanks for any help.


the thread size is 6mmx1.0 Go to a autoparts store and they should have a kit that includes the coils, helicoil tool, drill bit and tap

THANKS for the infro.


I went through the same thing on my crf 450 a while back, you'll need a m6 coil, 1/4 drill bit, and be sure to stuff rags in the head. You also want to grease the bit and the tap. Its a good idea to put blue lock-tite on the coil, and and insert it about 2 to 3 threads from the top. Its alot easier than it sounds.

Yep, It´s M6x1mm

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