crf50 in the sand pits HELP

i got a stock crf50 and i like to go to the sand pits but every where i go i get stuck in the soft sand and it impossible to go up sandy hills is it because of the stock tire or with good tires it would help or crf50 are just not made for the pits because of there small 10inch tires and i do way 160 pounds and my tires just sink and spin like crazy,,, what can i do to make my bike better in the sand pits.. thx also in the futur im going to get a 88cc big bore kit will this help alots

Get the 88cc kit, and a paddle tire. Then go for a longer swingarm and a 12/12 wheel set up.

is that my only options because i was not planning to go with a 12inch back tire and same for the paddle tire because i am still planning to do lots of trails and a bit of paved roads and i do not want to modify my swingarm...

sand is a 50's enemy. avoid if at all possible!

i can ride riverbed sand with some luck, 3rd pinned is where you gotta keep it. lean back so the front tire isnt pushing. its kinda like getting up on plane, but sand instead of water.

beach/dune sand is impossible. get a run from the beach and hit it wfo and only go a couple hundred feet. then you gotta carry it back though sand. uhh.

i hate sand

they wont go through sand for shiet in stock form. Even when totally built they are hard to ride. Just throw a huge motor in it and it should get through a little better:ride:

sand is a 50's enemy

that is my thought exactly

i guess i can say F**k... :thumbsup: alright so i guess im not gonna be so much in the sand but atleast everywhere else crf50 are a blast thx every1

why not just get a cheap rear wheel and put a paddle on it and swap it out when you go to the sand?

U need a big tire and plenty of power to ride the sand. U could put a paddle on but w/o the power to turn it you may as well forget about it. A 88 isn't enough to do it either.

why not just get a cheap rear wheel and put a paddle on it and swap it out when you go to the sand?

your still talkin 300-400$ just to bog out.

sand :thumbsup:

yea sell your honda and get a knockoff!!

It would blow your bike away in the sand.

u can take all the air out of the back tire an ride the sand that helps

It would blow your bike away in the sand.

wow thats amazing. really. wow.:blah:

dont air down your tire without a rimlock, you will rip the tube and destroy your tire, with any hard hits your rim too.

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