Graphics for my WR with YZ tank

I have just put on a stock YZ tank on my WR. I would like to get graphics but have the following issues:

1-I don't want to replace the brand new cover on the new seat.

2-I need graphics for a YZ, that don't say YZ.

3-I like the old style Yamaha squares as shown on some of the bikes on the WR screen saver.

Also, can I ride the bike without graphics on the tank? Will the scratches, if I do ride, impare the ability of the new graphics to stick?

Hook me up guys



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards.

No, It wont hurt anything to rde it without graphics on it. It will get scratches but when you apply new graphics to a used tank the secret is just make sure it is cleaned up real good.

As far as the graphics go, Ive seen a couple sets of graphics out there that dosent have YZ tattooed on them. I cant remember what company made them but if you look through some adds in Dirt Rider or Dirt Bike you will surely run across someting.


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Hey Bill!

If you don't want to get a new seat cover because you have to take the old one off, you don't. I have installed a new seat cover right over the old one. When I was ready to sell the bike, I had the option to keep the outer one on, or pull it off to expose my new OEM seat cover underneath. I will be doing this to my bike.

Have you had the chance yet to put some time on your bike w/ the new tank yet? I hit a little, teeny-tiny joke of a MX track last weekend. I still need to pull up my forks, but I was real impressed with the stability in the whoops. My WR turned was like my old YZ465.

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