Acerbis gas tank question

Hey all,

Quick Question...I have DRZ dirt model that I had a Acerbis 4.25 gal tank on (awesome tank).

Anyway, does anyone know if this will fit an "S" model? I am wondering if the fan will be in the way? Thanks.

Fan and horn. Unless it was an "s" tank to begin with.

So both the fan and horn would be in the way?

Yup. Now alot of guys are removing the fan and thermostat, so that would be another option. And relocate the horn somewhere else.


I tried the 4.25gal accerbis on my 05' DRZ400S. There was a few mods that I had to do.

Yes the fan is in the way. It has to come off. As well the horn is in the way too. I had to move it behind the head light.

The Fuel petcock is another problem. As you will notice your DRZ400s has a vacuum line on the petcock. This makes a little diaphram presurize you gas line. Thus I took the petcock off the original tank and placed it on the left side of the accerbis. Note the accerbis tank comes with a petcock on bothsides. Thus I turned off the petcock on the right side and coverred it with a short piece of gas line with a plug. The accerbis tank comes with gas line and a "Y" connector to connect both petcocks to the carb. Since I used my pump on the left side, having the right side connected would depressurize the pump letting the gas go back to the tank through the right petcock.

I tried my DRZ without the petcock pump, and the bike was not running well. It was lacking power. I guess that the DRZ400E with the different carb doesn't have the pump on the petcock so there won't be a problem.

Ps one last thing to mention. When I put my stock petcock on the accerbis, I had to open the whole a little for the stock petcock to fit. You's wanna becarful doing that procedure. Make the hole to big, and you have a "hole" lot of trouble.

Good luck,


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