yz426 valve lifters from uk!!!

Hi everybody,we have just recentley bought a yz426 which has been stroked and is in a Rs125 chassis and we are going to race it in the British supermono championship.You can find details at: www.supermono.co.uk

My question is we have stripped the top end down and one of our exhaust valve lifters needs replacing.In the parts book Yamaha quote different colours ie,Blue, Black,Yellow, as sizes,but ours looks purple!!!!.

We understand this bkie was raced in usa a couple of years ago,but we dont know who.On the barrell theres some engraving which looks like Barnham.

Any ideas would be really appreciated.

paul Orpington,kent Uk. baldockpaul@yahoo.co.uk


Well, there was no purple, so it's likely blue that's aged a bit. Fact is, the differences in the sizes of these is very small (on the order of .01mm), and you'd probably be OK with the std black ones (3FV-12153-00-00)

Hi thanks for the info,much appreciated will let you know how we get on.

many thanks


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