evs takt 981

I just got the white evs takt 981 helmet and i am really impressed with it. I like the design, its extremely light, comfortable, and has a rubber compound visor which allows it to flex some so it won't beak easily. Ill post a ride report of it after i go riding next. I really like this helmet so far.

Does anyone else have this helmet and like it?


Im in need of a new helmet and was looking at that but im going to wait to see what the new One industries troopers look like this fall

nice helmet! how much did it run? I just got a new KBC focus helmet and im liking it alot.

looks cool looks like the kombat

i was admiring this helmet on their website not too long ago. EVS makes impressive protective gear for everywhere else on the body, it only makes sense they make a good helmet. This may be my next helmet. I couldnt find online what certifications. It just said dot and snell approved. Was it snell, snell 2000, snell 2005?? who knows. Enjoy the helmet man!

Thanks guys. I believe it runs 320. Ill have to check on the site. But its a really nice helment

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