Air filter issues, list em'! (XR600&650R)

are the uni filters same price as a stock filter 30$ for stock

This may or may not concern yours .........

In 02 the CRF 450 & CR's were noted for having a bad carb boot to airbox junction seal and would suck in dust/dirt through it.

I had one and it was bad. I was going :thumbsup: nuts for a while trying to figure out where the heck all the dust was coming from. You would either buy a kit or take it apart and re-silicone it, :thumbsup: maybe that is your problem?

I know yours is of a completely different shape but that doesn't mean it can't have the same fault too. .....don't think they make a kit for yours but you could still silicone it up.

They say ........." Using silicone or another type of sealant or glue on the stock part will only seal temporarily, if at all. The stock plate is so flimsy, that as you ride, the air boot and plate flex and distort breaking the seal."

I just used silicone and it worked fine, I did the inside AND outside with it. Used clear.

The Uni has been flawless for me. I really like the rock oil product swaff (synthetic washable air filter fluid). It eliminates the need for solvent to clean your filter. You just wash it out with water really good (a bucket makes it easy), let it dry and re-apply. Anyway, thought I'd mention it while on the subject of filters. Good luck

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