SDG tall seat

Hi guys,

I considering getting one but they are out of stock. How big is the difference with the standard one ??.

Well, actually would like to get a Renazco, but they are so expensive.


i have a standard sdg and i like it, but it is a little hard. if you are over 6

feet tall then i say the tall is fine for you. for the price it is tough to beat the sdg.

i have the tall is very hard but once you break it in its not to bad. ( i prefer hard seats). overall i like it much better than the stocker

-shaun h

overall i like it much better than the stocker

Same here. I love my SDG tall seat.

I have the SDG tall seat and think it's way better than stock. It's harder but I'd end up sitting on the pan on the stocker if I wasn't sitting all the way forward, which isn't always comfortable. With the SDG you can sit much farther back and still have some padding. Plus it makes the ergonomics feel more like a "real" dirt bike with a flatter seat.

very happy with the SDG tall seat , a good product at a good price .

I think the SDG tall seat is a myth. I have tried to get one numerous times and every time I look they are out of stock. I even look at their site directly and see they are out of stock. Perhaps they only make 5 DRZ tall seats or something because I have never ever seen one for sale. Someone please prove me wrong and post a link.

look ... what you say is understandable , i tried to get 1 from SDG and i was told

sorry ! out of stock .

so i contacted BALLARDS in aust , they have them in stock and i got 1 in 5 days

Hi all and thanks for your answers.

I am 1,87 cm, that's 6,13. The tall seat seems the one for me. What Seth said is very understable. I contacted Mike Lakes from SDG the 4th of May. According to him the tall seat had to be available at the end of May.

Perhaps the do not make the tall one until the stock of standards is sold. Everyone seems to have the tall one :thumbsup:

Good to hear all of you are satisfied. The price is cracking.


After about six months of back-orders, TT finally shipped my SDG tall and it arrived yesterday.

First impressions: Solid, nice quality, good fittings, rock hard, much flatter, makes the bike less playbike and more true dirtbike, definitely makes the bike taller. Haven't taken a long ride yet, but overall I like it. But you have to like very firm seats - this is not a good seat if you like them soft. I had a tall SDG on my KTM 300 and although being very firm, it definitely was more comfortable than the KTM seat, not that this is saying much.

I had a devil of a time getting the front "hook" on the seat pan into the slot under the tank. I have the Clarke 3.9 tank and Zuki luggage rack which both seem to make it harder to get the hook low enough to slot in. The seat pan itself is also slightly narrower than stock right around the spot where the hook is which makes it harder to fit. Despite repeated attempts, I couldn't get it to fit and was about to conclude that the rumors about the SDG seat and Clarke tank incompatability were true. As a last ditch effort, I removed the tank and found the exact right spot to place the seat to get it engaged, then remounted the tank and found that if I bent the seat fairly aggressively, and placed it in just the right spot, I can get it to fit properly. Once in the slot, it fits perfectly and looks great. I dumped the front tab on the Clarke tank which is totally unncessary with this stiffer seat.

- Mark

Hi all and thanks for your answers.

I am 1,87 cm, that's 6,13.


or 7'1" :ride:

i have a SDG tall and love it.



Cool flat black. :thumbsup:

I just got my SDG tall and so far I like it. Very stiff and narrow but much thicker foam so I think it will be more comfortable in the long run.

The only problem I can see is that the SDG logos are welded on and not stitched on and easily removable like the FX seat cover I had previously. Looks like I'm stuck with ugly logos on my seat.:thumbsup: Not cool.

Just an FYI for those having difficulty finding one: You might try Pit Posse in FL. I called ahead to check stock and got lucky. They ship via UPS within two business days of receiving the order.

Hi guys,

I opened another similar post. I apologize :ride:

markjenn, I completly agree with your impressions. Not a seat for "fat bottom girls". But after 6 hours dirt riding I was still :bonk: , well .... anyhow my legs were still responding to my commands :thumbsup: .


The TT store had one in stock last week. Be aware that even though it says SDG USA all over the seat it is in fact made in China!! :ride: I can't imagine SDG USA is more than a couple guys unloading containers sent from overseas. Oh well it is an OK seat and a magic marker (sharpie) will black out those ultra obnoxious badges on the front and rear of the seat.:thumbsup:

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