Where does your pig relax?

&%$#@!, Thats to funny. And its watchin NASCAR, HELL YA!!!

Tag bars and stock triples.

All I did was tilt the bars up a little.

Looks comfy....

NICE! thats a good piggy!:thumbsup:

That is too funny. As I write my 02 XR650R is sitting in the living room of my double wide watching real tree outdoors. My friends laugh when they find out that this is the air conditiond garage I told them about. I brought it inside to work on it two weeks ago when the outside temperature was 114 and the humidity was creaping up in the afternoons almost done and then back outside it goes.

i wish the ol lady would let me get away with this!!:thumbsup:

If mine only knew......

you guys are to funny.

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