Cam assembly bolts snapped!

I was taking my shims out because my valves needed adjusted, and when I took took out the 4 bolts that hold the cam assembly down(in criss cross pattern like stated in service manual) 2 of the 4 bolts snapped right about flush with the head. They snapped at the threads. So now I have half of the threads still In the cylinder head and 2 broken bolts. What do you guys recommend I do, yes I know they will have to be drilled out somehow, but any special tools or anything you know of?

The bike ran fine before this happened though I thought it would run nicer if the valves were in spec.

take a very sharp punch of very good quality and try to hit the broken bolt with a small ball peen hammer at an angle and try to back them out....the punch must be very sharp to do this

Lord knows i hate to take my bike to the shop, but any other place i would say punch, drill, etc.. But you`ll only get one shot at this, if you don`t get it right it will cost more money in the long run.

Find a good machine shop, they`ll have the proper tools and know how, and it`ll be good as new when you get it back. You`ll just have to take the head off.

Left hand drill bit or an EZ problem. Those are case hardened bolts, they are very brittle.

Left hand drill bit or an EZ problem. Those are case hardened bolts, they are very brittle.

O wow I had no clue they were. I was thinking who ever worked on the bike tightened them too much lol. EZ out that sounds like it would work.

Sears/craftsman sells a little left-hand-ezout kit for $40. Little black plastic box. They have saved my arse more than several times!!!!!

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