Which ring goes on top??

I will be installing my big bore with the JE piston. The piston came with two normal rings and the oil ring. The two "normal" rings are different colors. One is looks black, like regular steel. The other one looks bronze. Which ring goes in the top groove? and which ring goes in the second groove? Thanks!!

The very top one is the one with the copper color sides.The second from the top is the black one.I was told by J.E. that anytime you see a letter or number on a ring that designates the top.In other words that letter, number or mark faces up towards the top of the piston.My J.E. black ring or second from the top was the only one with something on it.When in dought call the manufacture.I did!Don't use any oil on any of the rings,I did and got to tear my bike all the way down again,because my ring never seated.This time she was as dry as a bone.

If you look on the JE web-site, there is a section on installing rings, including which way up, end gaps and a million other things.

I linked it on a previous post on this subject, but forgot to bookmark it :cheers:

Neil. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

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