honda 250x vs. yamaha wr250

opnions on these two bikes? which one do you like more?

Do you like red or blue? Other than that i don't see a whole lot of difference. Maybe the 250x has slightly better suspension.

Well I guess if you are going to ask in the 250X forum you should expect about 95% would prefer the X. Otherwise they would have bought the WR and would be on the WR forum.

Did you ask this question in the WR forum as well? Let me guess which one they like better.

I have a crf250x and loved it. But I will admit that I always have valves in the back of my mind. If I could do it over again I would still choose my crf because it seems to fit me. In my opinion I would test ride both of them and see what works for you. They are both high mantance bikes. When you post questions like this you are mostly going to get biased responces. I would do searches on problems on the forums of both of these bike. Good luck, which ever bike you buy you will have fun.

I bought a brand new 07 250X on 6-30-07. I have 110 miles on her. The only mod I did was to pull the plug out of the pipe - The bike rips, and have trded bikes for trail section with guys who have WR 450s, highly modified 06 250 exes, and they have been stunned by my bike. I'm jetting it this week so it should run even better. I don't think the WR will do that right out of the box, but with the proper mods I hear it's a nice bike.

I just recently returned to riding after a few years off and bought a new WR... my brother in law bought a new 250x the same week so I've had a chance to ride both with an open mind. I say that because I intended to buy a KTM, but my local dealer had nothing in stock. So... I gave in to the great incentives offered by Yamaha -- I had no brand loyalty going into the purchase. I rode the KLX300, too, but I won’t even talk about that one!

Anyway, the bikes are both really, really good, but different in their delivery. The Honda is more of a torque motor (as much as a 250 can be, anyway) and makes most of its power in the low to mid rpm range. I really like the power delivery, but it doesn't rev out like the Yamaha. The Yamaha is lacking down low, imo, but comes on nicely in the midrange and pulls hard until you think the thing would blow apart. The suspension on the Yamaha is smoother than the Honda, but I’ve yet to bottom it out. The Honda stock jetting is way lean and we have trouble getting the thing started even with the electric start. The Yamaha is jetted spot on right from the dealer and can be kick started, hot or cold, with a kick or two… I was surprised to see that. The Yamaha was $600 dollars cheaper here in WNY with the incentives.

The Honda is bone stock right from the showroom…. My brother in law is just learning to ride and certainly needs no performance enhancement at this point. The Yamaha has had all of the free mods done – frankly the only mod that made a big difference was cutting the throttle stop. I wouldn’t even try to mod the Honda until I got the jetting sorted out better… it’ll be even leaner ones it breathes better.

I’m a little concerned about the reported reliability problems of the Honda, but I haven’t witnessed any so I’ll leave that alone until they present themselves.

Frankly I don’t think you could go wrong with either of these bikes… it’s really hard for me to pick a clear winner. They have different personalities, but both bikes are just great, imo. It’s a good time to be an off road rider!

Got a little long winded… hope this helps you out.

I've ridden both and think they're both very similar. I prefer my X mostly because I'm comfortable with how Honda does things/how to service Hondas, but the bikes were very similar. I'd think you could be very happy with either.

Comes down on what you will be doing with the bike, what color you like better and what bikes ergo's feel better.

All bikes are pretty much the same now adays but there are a lot of little things that can push you to one color or another.

Use the Search, this has been asked before.

Basically comes down to personal preference. Both are excellent.

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