which silencer?????help please.

im ordering a new silencer (hopefully today) becouse i need one with a spark arrester. should i get a fmf turbine core 2 spark arrester silencer or should i get the pro circuit spark arrester. i have two pro circuit pipes that im sending off to get the dents in them fixed. so the silencer will be paired with a pro circuit platinum pipe. all my friends have the turbine core 2 but i like the looks of the procircuit more but is it just as good. :thumbsup:

procircuit FTw

I'd stick with the pc one also, though I like the FMF stuff..:thumbsup:

the turbine core and the pc spark arrestor are basically the same internally, the pc silencer has the same turbine as fmf. im not into fmfs shiney pipes.

also i think that pc pipe for the year kx you have might have a stinger end cap instead of a cone, fmf has a cone for there spark arrestor.

We have one of each. The FMF is a little longer but not any quieter. Both test at 92-93 db, old or new packing it does not seem to matter.

ok thanks i got the procircuit.

ok thanks i got the procircuit.

I have the Pro Circuit type 296 on my 03 KX250 now. TOO LONG and ugly. It also burns the rear fender. I will be buying a PC Nature Friendly for it instead. Nice and shorter.

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