What do I have to have?

I'm putting together my first Thumper order and thought I would ask you all what I needed, and I mean NEEDED. I recently purchased a couple of good used bikes, '03 WR250 and an '02 XR200R. I want to do oil and chain maintenance and have no specialty tools. I plan on getting a chain puller, thumper 20-50 oil and oil filters for both. Can you think of anything else like gaskets or washers etc.? Thank you in advance!

a chain breaker

master links

couple extra spark plugs

chain lube, i use maxima.

couple spare tubes

fly wheel puller

new timing chain for the WR.

tire spoons.

i am sure there is other stuff but, this is a good start.

Hers my list of maintence I might miss something wr specific I dunno


-simple green - complete bike

-Gunk degreaser- chain (this might not be good for O-rings)

-Grunge brush-chain

-one of those long handled dish washing brushes- hubs

-scotch brite pad- metal parts

-air box plug-

-exhaust plug-

-pressure washer- eaiser but not necessary

Oil change

-Oil- I use bel-ray

-ratio rite- for measuring


-get a nut and bolt kit they come in handy

Most of the cleaning stuff you can get at wal-mart except for the Grunge and the plugs

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