Lots Of Questions!!!!!!

Are the 06 TC450 models that much better than the 05? I need the electric start, the 07 dropped that. I am moving from a honda, I am considering the TE and TC. I really dont need the streetability option, but it may be handy someday. What about the 510? no real weight difference, how does the power compare? I am gonna do strickly hare scrambles, woods only. thx, OFG

The 06 TC450 is a kick only bike, and that feature had its share of problems. It sounds like you need a 05, the suspension will probable need work in front either way. I know of a new 04 TC450, thinner tank, elec start, but you know the valve deal, plan on valves and guides sooner than later, Sachs shock is still good and the forks are known and fixable for about $225. Its sitting at my dealer in NJ, getting no love, probably others out there too. Jim.

Forgot the 04 had the crappy but workable carb too, no FCR. Look for a deal on one if you find it!

I have seen a couple 06 models with the button, maybe it was an add on. Are the springs stiffer on the TC models? I am 6'4" 240. I have a chance at a 05 TE or a 05 TC. But I was wondering about the forks and the bigger vavles on the 06 models. I rode an 07 TE and was very impressed! Just wondering how the 05 stck up. thx, OFG

I think the 06 forks went up to 50mm from the 05 which was 45mm so for a 240lb guy the 06 would be stiffer in front.

Buy a NEW 2006/2007 TC450 or 510 and get the electric start as a kit...you'll be much happier!


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