Does a 97 XR 600 rear fender fit on a 97 XR 650L?

I've been looking at the parts fiche, and it appears that all of the bolt holes are the same... What I am trying to do is get rid of monsterous tail light on my 97 XR 650L and replace it with one that has a slimmer profile like a tail light from an XR 600 of the same year. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can use a Maier taillight, and bolt it to the stock fender, after you take off the stock XRL one. No need to buy another fender to get it done. I did this with mine, before I finally switched eveything over to black, from the original red.

Yes, it fits perfectly. The only difference between the two is that the xr600r does not have the two big holes for the monstrous tail light...which is what you want.

Thats kinda what I thought, but wasn't sure. My tail light keeps flapping around, plus its goofy looking. Thanks for the input. Oh, what about the wiring harness? should I get the OEM harness and bulb for the 600 as well, or will the 650L harness work? Thanks again!

You want to make sure that you get an XR styled taillight that has the brakelight, and wiring in it. If you use the stock XR 600 taillight, it only has two wires, one for ground, and one for the running light. The Maier one I mentioned is made with both running light, and brakelight. There's others out there, of course.

Here is what I did...


That is Exactly what I am shooting for. Is that the Maier tail light? Are those turn signals on either side of your fender pack?

That is Exactly what I am shooting for. Is that the Maier tail light? Are those turn signals on either side of your fender pack?

I'm not sure what brand it is but I bought it from Pro Cycle

Yep those are LED turn signals. The rears work pretty good but I like the style that I used on the front better, they are very bright. Both styles were bought at Walmart from the trailer section. They were like $7 each.


Yep. Looks like the Maier taillight. It's the larger one that they offer, but it has the taillight, and brakelight, set up. A lot lighter than stock for sure.

Thank you gentlemen, you all have been a big help to my tail light project. Got the Maier on order. Low profile turn signals are next on the list of things to do. WalMart specials look good! Thanks again!

or if you want something different, do a rear crf450 fender and BD led tailight assy like i did. looks way better!:thumbsup:

Post pictures, I'd like to see them.

Front fender xr400, rear crf 450.









Nice bike! Thanks for the ideas!

Nice bike! Thanks for the ideas!

thanks! keep us posted on your progress and pics!:applause:

Well I finally got the tail light I wanted & working the way it should. I took the inards of a Maier aftermarket Enduro tail light, trimmed the metal down to fit in the depression of my stock fender and wired it to the stock plug for the wiring loom. Then I topped it all off with a 97 XR 600 break light lens. A little silicone to seal out the moisture and PRESTO! Very stock looking, and low profile. 200% improvement over the standard 97 tail light/plate holder assembly. Thanks again for all the comments.

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