New ride (sort of)

This is my oldest boys' first and new ride. It is a 1991 Toyota pick-up (obviously). Price was right. Mom in law gave it to him. It has 104,000 miles on it and runs great. Doesn't burn oil. Nothing fancy though. 4 banger/Five speed/no power steering/no radio (yet)/ no A/C. Just a truck. First question he asked..."will it haul my CRF 230?" Priorities...:thumbsup:

I keep telling him (I think it is finally sinking in) he is a very lucky kid.


cool, good condition:thumbsup:

$h!T ya itll haul the 230... Nice..

Cool truck, I have a 99 tacoma with 122k miles and I love it..I plan on keeping it forever!

Nice. That way he will learn how to drive a stick, which is a skill that not a lot of people have nowdays.

Those trucks will run forever and it doesnt have enough power for him to get into that much trouble with.

I had an '85 Toyota 4Runner when I was in highschool and my father always used to say, "at least if I hear people telling me he is squealing his tires I know he's doing it with the brakes and not the gas!" :thumbsup:

Im looking to get a new Tacoma next summer with that same configuration. Nothing fancy, just a nice truck that will last forever.

Nice, clean little truck, and a smokin deal, at the price.:thumbsup:

That little truck should easily last him through college if he takes care of it and treats it right.:thumbsup:

looks nice is that a 22r or the 22re ? also check out

Perfect first vehicle. :thumbsup:

As long as he can haul his bike around he is set. :thumbsup:

Its basic but like others said, its a truck.

I was lucky enough to be given a 95' Grand Cherokee Laredo when I got my license. 13 mpg with a light foot does suck.

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