Air Box question

What are the advatages and disadvatages of running an airbox. I use just a K&N with an Outerwears on my DRZ400 with out the air box. Is this bad

Could you post some pics? Also.. is your bike street or dirt?

Not bad per se, but not optimum. The air box provides some 'smoothing' sharacteristics to the air. Without a airbox, the air filter is subject to crosswind and changes in airflow patterens. All of this can serve to reduce power. As a side issuem, if you ride in the rain or durt, filter problems can arise.

I have to ask, what carb and main jet are you running?

The bike is a 01 drz400E with stock carb.

ya, youre gonna have to clean that filter VERY often. other then that, I'm sure you need a rejet. I am consider a similar setup for my SM. If you could, PLEASE post pictures for us.

I do have it jetted for this, I have a yosh pipe on this set up aswell. I dont have a camera for pics yet. I havent had any problems with it at all. The outerwears helps a great deal for not having to clean it as often. Looks killer.

the intake bell isnt tapered.the sharp edge is creating turbulence at the air jets.

to make a long story short,you slowed it down.

Thanks for all the info guys.

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