can't decide!

im gettin a one industries Kombat helmet, but i cant decide between the black tribal flame, the white flame, or the racing red. help! which one would you guys get?




I like the first one

what kind if bike so you ride?

and do you want it match the bike and your gear?

I like the last one

I like the white IMO and it doesnt have to match your gear or bike. like my wife says white goes with anything. :thumbsup:

yea Tribal white look awesome :thumbsup:

imo the race red is the nicest

the last one thats silver

well ive got a honda 250, red thor gear, a black Fox chest protector, black gloves, and black/grey boots. im thinkin i like the white one the best but they all look good.

I like the white, but elected not to get it myself because I wasn't sure how well the flat white finish would clean up after a messy ride. I ended up getting the silver/red flame. Comfy helmets.

yeah, i had the black camo Kombat helmet with the red eagle thing on it before, but i had a really really bad crash so i need a new one. the thing saved my life.

+1 on tribal white, thats what i would choose

k, i decided on the tribal white. it should be here in a couple days along with my new riding gear! cant wait :thumbsup:

oh man, i like that white one!

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