Ama Torrents Please!!

Please can some one with the bandwith a facilities please upload the torrents:cry: .Im sure im not alone but after a few days of the races airing in america, i troll through torrent web sites and here to catch the latest torrents,but it seems as if no one is as interested in the nats as the sx:excuseme: ,personally i love the battles of the lites class nationals:thumbsup: .

So this is a shoutout to chrissa and i think gmboat can you please do the unlucky guys like myself the favor of catching the footage and creating a torrent.

personally i prefer avi files but ill take what ever comes,just feels like i got kicked in the nuts whatching the archive race of redbud lites on ,it cuts out right in the middle of a great battle between bt and rv .

Anyways thankyou in advace to anyone who creates any further torrents.


I'm with you on that one, it's the only way to catch the racing here!

how do you download them?

u guys just search them in google or go to torrent websites and search them on there... like is a torrent website and just go to google search for torrents then on the torrent website just search for like 2007 Red Bud Motocross or sumthin

or u could do that lol

Yep usually check here & mininova, just been quite for a few weeks between races(or I've missed them - think red bud Rnd5 was the last).

Thanks for these races!

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