My 426 Rocks

Went out riding today with a buddy who just bought a brand new yzf 250 after a couple of hours we switched up and I was curious to see how much of a difference there is between my 01 426 and this new beauty. anyway I start to ride and right off the bat notice the weight difference, so much lighter I felt like I could toss that thing around. But I have to say it doesnt have the snap and power that the 426 does, I was a little dissapointed I thought the 250 would rip, it was very smooth but I was expecting more I quess. although my bike is older and heavier I love that thing and would never get rid of it. Little side note If anyone has a 426 without the hotcam mod you want it, i dont have it but will by the end of the month. easier to start especially when stalling bike. YZF 426 RULES :thumbsup:

i love my 426 also

It seems like we are a dying breed. Although, I did put a big bore in mine. Do I still count?

the young fullas r gettin hold of these bike like me, im only 15 and its a bit of a hand ful after gettin off a 125. but uno, 426es r sic.

I love my 426. :thumbsup: I'm not giving it up.

I'd rather find ways to reduce weight, and put new suspension on it.

I went riding at a track with a bunch of 250ers last weekend, and they all watned to trade. I didnt really care to :thumbsup:

Cant wait to ride tomorrow going to thornwood(nice outdoor track) The more seat time I can get the more I like Riding again. Just need to get the confiedence built up. And to think about a month ago I was about to up and get rid of the bike and call it quits.

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