New cap leaks

I got the new gas cap from my dealer and it leaks even more than the one he made me turn in. :thumbsup: Anybody :thumbsup:

My new cap leaks worse than my old one. I just ordered an 05 tank for my 07 200.

That should fix it. :thumbsup:

Mine hasn't leaked yet but I saw a brand new one leaking this week on a buddy's bike.

its not a cap issue......

i have been through 5 caps on 2 06' bikes all leaked without an 'x' ring.

what changed my opinion to the tank was when the cap blew out when i layed the bike over.

You know, I was looking at my new cap today and I think those raised nibs on the tank are a problem. They're going to end up tearing up the seal and also prevent the seal from seating firmly around the tank. I filed mine down flush with the inner tank rim but might take them all the way down. Just need to be careful not to nick the inner rim of the tank. I also grease the cap seal so it slides easy and doesn't get damaged.

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