Front wheel isnt staying in rut

I made a figure 8 yesterday and rode in it today for about 3 hours. I made this really nice rut (2 actually) through it. My front wheel will stay in it 80% of the way untill the exit where it gets a little tighter. Then no matter how far i lean it my wheel usally pops out of the rut (started powersliding a little and it helps). Is something wrong with my suspension?

on the riding technique side i'd suggest to pull somewhat (very smoth) the front brake.

That will keep your front wheel in the rut.

Sounds like your bike is a bit out of balance........sitting kinda "choppered" out. Check your sag to make sure its not to low. If it's right raise your forks up a cpl. mm's in the clamps.


I'd like to add something to Shockdocs post, is the spring the proper rate. `It's possible that if undersprung it will squat and climb on exiting the turn. Might also go the easy way and add a click of rebound to the forks.

Just another viewpoint.


And get your weight forward. Way forward. The rear wheel follows the front wheel in most situations.

Right now my sag is 90mm. I had to stiffen the compression 2 clicks since i was bottoming out. I didnt do anything to the dampening tho. Maybe that affected it? so im gonna speed up the dampening 1 click?

And the spring is fine for my weight currently. IM 155 with gear with a .40 spring rate in the forks. i had to increase it to 14 out to stop my bottoming. So i dont think the spring weight is a problem (yet).

More oil will help control bottoming better than adding comp. with the clickers. And you may want to slow the rebound, keeping the forks lower in their stroke longer.

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