Acerbis yz blue?

does it match? I'm looking for a low profile blue handguard that will look good on the wife's blue motard. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

I use the Acerbis ralley guards in YZ blue. They are pretty close.

any picts? how close?

I think I'd go with either white or black for contrast since a match would be tough.

My son now has my "old" '05 TTR230. He pulled the blue front fender off to put white on. I compared his blue fender to my DR650. It is close at all, IMHO.

I don't know if the YZ color is that different than the TTR plastics. If you get to a Yamaha dealer, you can compare. I THINK they're about the same, so they won't be a close match for a DR.

any picts? how close?

Check my garage, very close

Check my garage, very close

Oh, guess the YZ colors are different than the TTR. I'll have to check that out for future parts changes.

:thumbsup: looks good to me. Thanks

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