YZ426->450 conversion DONE!

Nice bike! :thumbsup:

Looks sick!!!

There are a few other things I would do.

1. new grips, all black or black and blue

2. a carbon fiber rear disk guard, or a billet shark fin

3. Some blue hubs to go with your blue rear spring.

4. polish your swing arm.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I will be putting red, renthal grips on soon. Right now, it has the beige renthal kevlar grips on.

I will be adding a shark fin soon.

I won't go with blue hubs. I am stuck with the spring colorfor my weight but my motif is all black and red (keeps the noobs guessing).

I thought about polishing, but I did the frame on my CR250 and it is too much hassle to keep polished.

On a side note- I am thinking of redoing the powder coat on the frame and make it dark red instead of black. On the fence on that one right now.

BTW- thanks for all the comments.

What's involved to do this? Is it a tank, seat, subframe and rear fender?

Finally finished my conversion. Take a look and tell me what y'all think....



Very nice work! I like the black/red motif and a red frame would set it off. I hope you do it! Make sure and post pics if you do..........:ride:

nice but i think its time to change your sig.

What's involved to do this? Is it a tank, seat, subframe and rear fender?

Bump... still interested to know what is needed to make this conversion?????


Look in Common Threads under Misc, see if that helps.

looks tottaly sickk man :shocked:

very nice job :thumbsup:

All that is required is a seat, tank, subframe, plastics, and airbox assembly.

I chose to go with the rear brake also since the 450 subframe does not have a mount tab for the 426 brake res.

Also, you will need to trim the mounting tabs on the subframe to fit the 426 frame. I did it with a dremel, real easy.

Fantastic job!!! I love my 426, but love it a little less now! You've inspired me to get to work. Don't listen to those other guys. Ca green sticker or not, getting an older bike to look sweet like that is a great accomplishment and your effort is appreciated. People fix up old cars all the time and no asks them why they didn't just buy a new car. Why not fix up an older bike? Way to go.

mxgene, how much did it cost to convert everything. Because i also have a 426 and i want to put all the new plastics and what not on it.

im thinking you can get all the parts on ebay for a couple hundred.

Everything cost around $500.

Ebay for most of it. But the plastics are new, as is the black tank.

what did you all do to your 426 to make it a 450?

That looks great! Im also very interested in doing the same to my 426. How did you do the side panel and airbox conversion?

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