hunt creek trail tour...any info?

The Michigan cycle conservation club is holding a ride next month at this location,was wondering if anyone could give me a review of the trails in this location...If you rode it in the past,is it worth a return trip?

As part of my fav. trails in Michigan evart,tomahawk,Misaukee...Thanks for any info in advance!!:thumbsup:

Tri County Chapter is holding the event, they've held it there for several years (they also switch locations between there and Brevort for the event).

The event uses the Mio and Hunt Creek loops. There's a Kids Loop that uses some of the trail and some of the ORV Route.

Both Mio and Hunt Creek are narrow 50" trails. Can be pretty beat up. Lots of rocks, roots and hills. Some folks love the trail and some hate it - pretty much for the same reasons.

Hunt Creek would compare to Evart, although ATVs have been all the way around it compared to spots in Evart that an ATV can't fit.

Staging area is in an open "field-like" area at the north termination point of the ORV Route just off of Oak Rd.

Directions on GLDS site here:

There is also a pretty nice Dual Sport course at this event. Couple hundred miles total between two routes.

hunt creek/Mio loops are some of the better loops, ( I prefer rocks, roots, hills ,twists , and turns to wide open freeways.) in the lower penninsula. the ATV's have widened almost all the loops from what they once were, and the re-routes and bridges through the black yukkies is alot easier than it was in the early and mid nineties. the fact that there are ATV's routes in the area keep it from really getting beat up. like gladwin

It is a good ride. I have not missed it the past couple of years and I will Be coming up from Cincinnati, OH this year

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