Another Santa Clarita Valley Dual Sport Ride Sun July 15, 07

VTRMike and I will AGAIN be at the Starbucks at Copper Hill and Seco Canyon this Sunday July 15 at 7:30am :cheers: for a dual sport ride around SCV. Wind up back at Starbucks ~12 noon.

No set route, will ride to suit group's preferences and abilities. Normal ride includes a little of each:

General SC Valley fun spots - Rowher - Drinkwater - Fire roads. Lotsa dirt. Casual - no pressure. It WILL be warm and dusty. :busted:

All welcome, must sport knobbies and water and a plated bike :thumbsup: See you there :thumbsup:


I got your message and I'll see you at 7:30! :thumbsup:

Hey everyone- Had another good ride Sunday: Met as planned and hit the road at about 7:45.

First some crazy Edison road warm-up (no, NOT at end of Haskell). In and out quick and quiet. :bonk:

Then off to a SS canyon singletrack. This >tight< trail has some wooden drop-off ramps, bridges and a teeter-totter for the MTB free-ride gang.

Back on the street, then to a big dirt “play area” in the Vasquez Canyon area.

Back onto Sierra hiway to Rowher, up Rowher Trail, across Sierra Trail (?). Here I had a :cheers: brainfart and ended up about 9 feet off the trail (didn’t drop it, Chris :lol: ), pop up onto ridge, and down Bouquet Trail to staging.

Back on pavement to Coarse Gold Mtwy (kennels). Up Coarse Gold to Deer Peak. Down to House Trail (VTRMike low-sided here, took it on the hip and brake lever:cripple: ) Across ridge top in lower Drinkwater, down to staging, and back to Starbucks for iced tea and coffee.

Never got too hot. We were both beat up by about 11:30.

Thanks again Mike for riding out from Simi.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Mike gets to put up with all my last-second course changes and wrong-ways :lol: . Due to my lack of communication, I had Mike going up and down stuff I won’t even try to ride. :busted:

Thanks again for another great ride! That House trail got me. The front end washed out when I could not make up my mind on what line to take. Broke a mirror, bent my brake lever, put even more scratches on my XR, and put another bump on my right hip. I have to get some hip pads!

You guys should join us. We have been taking some great trails at a very good pace with very few stops. You can have a blast, get a great workout, and be done before noon. The heat has not been bad at all either.

We have been riding in that area at night to beat the heat. Hope you will let me know when the next time you guys go. We are planning on sat. night. 7/21/07

let me know about your next ride i may be intrested.

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