Slime Air Compressor

I spotted a portable air compressor in Auto Zone today. It's sold by Slime,the green flat tire sealer company. Included with it for $30 is direct-to-battery wiring,and wiring for a quick connect. The size is about 5"x5"x2",too big for the drz tool pouch,but still small enough to consider as something to take along for a long ride. Anybody out there already have one?

Like this one ??

Neil. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

Yeah,that's the one.

I have one. I added a cigarette lighter socket up by the instrument panel to run it or my GPS. Makes for easy air adjustmants once I get back on pavement.

A little bigger and a lot cheaper than the cyclepump one. I used to do advertising for Slime, they are good peeps!


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