my xr250

well ive had my xr250 for about 2 years now,when i bought it it had the exhaust uncorked and the snorkel removed. i just added a k&n filter and procircuit t-4 exhaust and it seems to run fine,do you think it was re-jetted when the baffle and snorkel were removed?

heres some pics for you guys,tell me what ya think.



Hey - Really nice looking bike.

What year is it?

I would not assume it was re-jetted and it is so easy to check you owe it to yourself to have a peek at the main jet at least.

I am in the same boat as u r. new to me bike with mods, but I checked and it has stock jetting. I have 2 bigger main's in my pocket and will try them tomorrow hopefully.

Nice bike!!!

im glad you like it. its a 99.

the reason i think it was rejetted cause with these mods the bike should run like crap with the stock jets

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