should I get a 450?

Hey im just wondering if i should get a 450 i have been riding a 250 for 3 years now and i am wondering if i should upgrade. any thoughts appreciated

Not quite enough info from ya to give an educated opinion.... Height?, weight?...riding ability?...what type of riding do you do?...etc,etc.

i dont really think that is much of an upgrade... id take 4 hp less, the fun and the easy matience over a 4s anyday (although ive heard 450s are actually pretty easy matiecnce compared to the 250fs)

hey fast response thanks guys sorry i left out info, Im 6'1 165lbs, i just started to learn how to whip my 250 before i BROKE MY FOOT ahhahah im in a cast right now, i dont really know how to geuss my riding ability, i am worried that the extra weight and power of a 450 will lead me to an early death but i think im jsut being a bitch

depends whether you feel comfortable on your bike- if u do then i would recommand so:ride:

250 2 stroke? id stick with if i were you. 250 4 stroke? get your check book :thumbsup:

yes get a 450, youll do fine if youve been on a 250 pinger for 3 years.... and if your 6'1" youll have enough strength to toss the 450 around

no ive been on a 250 thumper sorry guys i keep leaving info out. I was considering a 250 2 stroke but people tell me its a whole different ball game, but im wondeirn ghow long it would take me to pick it up?

At 165lbs, you better stick to the 250.

With your experience level and weighing only 165lbs, the rate of acceleration of a tuned 450 MX'er might not be enjoyable to you. As you know, it brutal.

Every time you honked the throttle it would blast you mercilessly. You'd find yourself just struggling to hold on, your hands will become blistered, your hair swept back and your lips would turn blue.

But than again, you might like that.

i made the switch this season to my 07 yz450f and it was the best decision. I had 3 years of riding on my 04yz250f. I am not a siiick rider but overall, i can hold my own and i do most of the jumps. My main concern was the bike overpowering me and/or it leading to me using the extra power to compensate for lack of skill/speed...anyone can WOT in the easy sections.

Well, i dont know about other 450's, but i INSTANTLY felt comfortable on this bike. It actually felt lighter than my 04 250f. Now, was i using every last bit of potential on my 250f...NO. But, at my skill level and bank account, id rather not have to bounce off the rev limiter through every gear to accomplish what i want to do. PS. im 6'1 and 175lbs.

The power of the 450 is not intimidating. Id go for it. Like i said, as long as you developed good technique on the 250, theres no sense in beatin the balls outta the motor when you can accomplish the same thing staying in third and fourth gear. Good luck.

P.S. If you have any quesitons about my 450f, lemme know

and btw, the pic in my avatar is me the day after i picked it up on december 2, 06. Like i said, the switch was effortless.

450s are really a lot easier to ride bcuz u dont have to switch gears a lot and it has so much power u dont even have to worry about casing a jump lol u just have to worry about over shooting it.... but ya im 140lbs about 5'10 and ive rode a 450 with ease before... nothing crazy happened it just had more power then a 250f... they are easy to get use to... and like someone else said in this post i think they are easier maintance then a 250f bcuz ur not always revving the hell out of them.....

or go with a 250 smoker

I'm 6'3" and weigh around 160 or so and the 450 suits me just fine. I look comfortable on the bike and actually make it look pretty small. The power is there definately, but I wouldn't consider it something you couldn't mange. It's not like you'll be holding on for dear life the whole time you're riding. I rode a 01 YZ125 for 2 years or so and then took a 2 year break from riding. Got back into last February and went with the 450 and haven't looked back since except for my shoulder injury.

im about to make the switch also. So far ive rode an 06 rmz450 and a 04 crf450. both of them i felt really good on in about 5 minutes of riding. go for it.

I wouldnt worry about the power of a 450 because you dont have to run it wide open all the time. You just need to learn throttle control.

A 450 isnt going to be as high-maintenance as a 250F because you dont need to keep it spooled-up as much. 450s will just about run forever as long as you change the oil often, keep the air filter clean and check the valves every now and then.

Id personally go for a 450 if you are comfortable on your 250F. I used to have an '06 YZ 250F and sold it over concerns of the maintenance costs and Im planning on buying a YZ 450F in a couple years because they are pretty low-maintenance compared to a 250F or a 2-stroke.

Sure enjoy my 450, power is excellent and as always the Honda's are super reliable end to end. I bought my 450 in Aug 06 and I haven’t had to do squat to the motor or suspension, it starts reliably and performs great.

Some comments were made above in regards to blistered hands and hanging on, this is true I have experienced this. The only time I find my 450 intimidating is in the trails and woods, it's just too much HP for slower terrains and the motor tends to over-heat if airflow thru the radiators is not consistent. On most racetracks open it up hang on and have fun.

FYI…it's really all about the feel of HP in the saddle. Occasionally I practice with guy on 250’s and although I hold my own on the tracks and trails the 250's don’t seem to have much trouble keeping up so you might consider hard before advancing to the 450 power plants.

Get the 450. You can always grow into the extra power, but if you get the 250, you'll outgrow it and wish you had the 450. Some say it's too much power for an inexperienced rider, but you don't have to be full throttle at all if you don't want to be. Use what you need until you get comfortable with it, then open her up!!

stay with a 250f... they are much more fun in my book, more flickable, easier to ride, not rip-your-arms-out-of-their-sockets fast

250fs are toys, get the fo fiddy :)

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