freestyle photo contest...need votes...Please

I recently entered a pic into a Sports Illustrated contest.

Brody Wilson is at his best. If I win, He will get this picture into Sports Illustrated and Time magazines. There are two other pics here to vote on as well, but I want to see Brody win. I have enclosed the link to the voting page, and would appreciate it if you might copy and paste the link to your email and other contacts, and to their contacts and so on... for voting.

You can vote on this once a day per computer up until midnight August 1st.

Look at the pics and help me take this all the way. It really deserves it.

I appreciate all the help in advance.


Your pic has 54% of the vote. The rest is divided among the other two. You are kicking butt.

Just voted. 59% big lead. That is a really coo photo.


thats a really cool pic

WOW! What camera/lens combo did you shoot that with?

I voted :thumbsup:

you got my vote




I voted for ya, great picture.:thumbsup:


Good luck.

I voted. 60% now.

great pic.

got my vote.

got my vote. dude, gotta love thumpertalk

Sweet picture, just voted, you're at 60%:thumbsup:

Got my vote, 60% now.

got my vote!

Uno mas for the moto shot, awesome picture!

nikon d80 with a 70-200mm 2.8 vr

set-up stings a bit on price, but does capture great shots...

Thanks for the votes,


How the heck did that photo not win?

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