yet again 2007 guys where does this go?

looks like it came from my bike although i cant find where ...i removed the subframe to take the rear shock off and removed the front forks too...i work in a automotive shop so someone might have just kicked this across the shop under my bike...i tore the bike all the way down after finishing my shock and fork reinstall now om goin crazy....does this belong on my bike?help please rmzspacer001.jpg

cant say i have seen one of those.

me either i found a microfiche on my bike and looked at every schemtic also.......

I had my forks and shock off for a revalve and I don't remember seeing anything like that.

When you pulled off your subframe and you removed your exhaust did you hear something fall out of your pipe? Looks like you lost your aluminum three sided midrange enhancer muffler bearing. It's ok, it will have better top end now that it's been removed.

yeah i notice more power....musta been a restriction..loll

those muffler bearings will get you everytime....:thumbsup:

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