Redbird question

My son and I are making a trip to KY next weekend weather permitting I am wanting to do a day at Redbird and a day at Stree/Turkeyfoot. I have heard there is a place to get gas on the Redbird crest trail if we start at the ranger station how far is it to the gas stop? I don't plan on riding the whole loop I have heard that the single track section can be kind of rough and the boy is only 10 on a XR100 he's an ok rider but I don't want to wear him out. If the gas stop is off the mnain trail what is the chance of getting ticketed? my bike is plated so no big deal for me more worried about him. Also can I get the trail permits at the ranger staion? I no I have alot of questions but I like to be prepared.

You can get the permit at the Ranger station. I am not sure about the gas station.

Go to S-Tree with your boy.

You and he will have more fun @ S-Tree.

Once he's advanced some, then consider Redbird . . .:thumbsup:

Well we did Redbird on Fri and Stree/Turkey foot on Sat. He did ok at Redbird just a little slower we did about 15 miles and turned around. I liked it and would like to go back and ride the whole loop. I wish I would have known there were so many turnouts off the main trail at times it was hard to find if we were going the right way until we found an orange diamond

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