Aftermarket CDI's?

Do any of you guys use these, and have you ever heard of a Brand called Procom? Any problems? Thanks

From what I have read on numerous occasions Procom sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

Which leaves what? OEM or Yoshi (or possibly SSW??)

Talk to Eddie about that one. I have the yosh myself, but I think he favors some other one. No clue who makes it..

They were having us test them 2 years ago (Procom) because of the amount of failures then they dropped us from the testing. I've had their 11K box in mine for over 2 years now. However previously I had purchased one of their boxes that had been rebranded for BigGun...That one failed after 5 seconds. It's hit and miss with them. If you want a 10.5K box just get an "E" model CDI. If you want an 11K box try to find a Yoshimura CDI with a Mitsubishi symbol on it...Or you can "try" a ProComm...Yes they had problems a couple of years ago but it may have been sorted out since...Like I said the one they gave me for testing (11K) has been working fine for more than 2 years.

Burned does sell his CDI so you can contact him...

There's supposed to be another CDI possibly in the works from an aftermarket CDI manufacturer with programmability.

You can also get the Vortex (Wolf) CDI which has two preprogrammed curves (maps) for $400...

Supposedly, Procomm has good customer service. This is very good as you will be speaking to them, alot.

You might gain RPM or lose all RPMS!

You will gain RPM with the E (if you ride a S/SM) CDI

You will gain RPM if you get a Yosh box

You will not go faster. The DRZ engine drops off the power after around 8,000.

Eddie's (and the very pricey Vortex) box changes the ignition timing, so it actually can make more power, when setup right.

Boxes are not 'magic power machines'. You need to optimize other parts of your engine well before the value of a special CDI males any sense at all.

Wow! All very good info! Thanks guys. I think I will just stay with what I have at this point, sounds like my kicker model is pretty good for a stock set up.

Yup, kicker/E box is all you need and would want unless you are building an all out engine.

Does someone know if anyone has used another cdi with their yosh kit? Or could someone tell me an approx power gain vs. using the yosh cdi. ?

havent hit the dyno, but I think the kit brings the bike to the 50 hp range

the yosh cdi only raises the rev limit.has no other effect.

the yosh cdi only raises the rev limit.has no other effect.

I know, but what kind of power gain could I expect if I switch the yosh cdi to lets say.. one of yours.

1-2 hp peak depending on the motor set up and fuel used.

not much to be had running pump fuel.

it also has a fully adjustable rev limiter and some other featrues more gear toward atv's.

a 41mm fcr is better money spent.

Yepp Procom are CRAP!

Not to sure lately but 2 years ago they were a 50/50 chance. I had 2 that didnt work. Theyll let you send them back but no saying the next one will work either. What out there are a few others that are made by procom as well.

Go with the YOSH

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