xr650l rejet

ive got a 2003xr650l and followed daves mods, i also have a fmf q2 tailpipe with stock header. my current jets with the mods are a 160main and a 55 pilot. The bikes performace with mods over stock is awesome, but im having some difficulty with a high idle. The bike rips, but after riding a few miles, especially if i get on it, i frequently get a high idle when i come to a stop. The idle seems to work fine as i run up and down the gearbox, its just that it will jump up to a high idle a second or two after i stop( red lights etc...) Im guessing i need to go down to a 52 pilot jet? this sounds low to me, but its my best guess.any advice would be appreciated:) im about sea level. oh btw, anyone know if the xr's only header will fit the q2 tailpipe? i dont think fmf makes the xr650l header anymore, besides, the xrs' only looks fatter ie higher performance??

I wouldn't go leaner on the pilot.

Wandering idle speed is usually a vacuum leak, or a kinked/sticky cable, or a cable with not enough freeplay.

How many turns out is the fuel screw?


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