Looking for a pipe setup for better bottom end

I was holding my breath , and now am blue in the face, waiting for the INFAMOUS SUPER QUIET (ok, by 5 decibles) FMF POWER CORE FOUR SQUARED that has ground thrashing, golf course destroying, booming bottom end. Now that I find out it's almost as noisy as everything else, I dumped that idea. I am looking for a tunable pipe that offers great bottom end (loss of top end is fine) and is NO louder than the stock exhaust w/ insert removed. Any ideas?

Much obliged!

Kevin, I think I went over the line with that one, in New Hampshire.

FMF MegaMax II is the only tunable pipe I know of that will get down to 98 DB without using its quiet core insert. Last summer when I had mine tested it was 98 with eight disks installed. The exhaust comes with a quiet core which can be run and knocks the sound way down. However, with the quiet core in you are down on power compared to not using it. If you run this exhaust with 10 disks or more it has excellent low end and is still quite a bit quieter than the stock system with the baffel removed. On dual sport rides I would hang with YZ 400 using the louder WB e-series Pro meg pipe in drag races. I was not concerned at all in riding with this system and having 10 disks installed. I cannot say this about any other system I have ridden with from a noise standpoint. I'm talking here about leaving from my garage and heading out on a dual sport ride without feling a little for my neighbors, etc.

I personally feel this pipe offers the most flexibility of those I have tested. Only down side for me is it would not fit under my CF side panels, so I sold the setup to Robin in Montreal, CA.

The next pipe I will be evaluating is the Stroker SX-1 SA and I believe it will also be in the 96-98 db range if you keep the packing in place. This pipe is not tunable except for adding the quiet downturn tip. I believe my current tapered headpipe will fit the Stroker exhaust. Should have this done in the next couple of weeks.

The FMF Power Bomb header is still not availavle. So I have nothing new to report on the FMF PC-IV-2 with the power bomb header.


Yea, I got the megamax II from Clark. It is in real good shape and I'm pretty sure this is the best pipe I could put on that bike even if I still did not get the bike yet (We just had rain for 2 weeks here in Montreal).

I was too looking for a pipe that boost the bottom end in a quiet way since I'll run it on road. I don't really care about top end exactly like you.

Question for Clark-> Generally speaking, with less disk we have, power curve is shifted down on the powerband but do the power (low end) goes up with less disk in low rpm? I'm planning to use yz timing and 8-10 disk with the quiet core to be totally stealth like the stock canadian pipe (dvp needle, top air box cover removed). Does it sound like a good setup or the quiet core and the 8 disks will strangle the yz timing?

Ask god to push the stop raining switch in Montreal please!

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