144 kits

Does anyone know where you can get a cylinder from? I know you can get the OEM, but I was wondering if any aftermarket cylinders are made to the stock bore. :thumbsup: If not how much does an over bore kit for a 125 usually run. (They're usually 144 right?) Does this make much of a difference or would I be better off runing a stock? :thumbsup: I have been riding along time, but just got my first big bike (1999 CR125R) to find it needs ALOT of work :busted: I was only on it about 10min. so I still dont know how good I am on it with stock .Im 5'3 and 120lbs if that helps any. Oh and does anyone know who sells the cheapest cylinders (stock or overbore?) like Rocky Mountain MC, Bobs Cycle, Motorsport Outlet, Dennis kirk etc... Thanks :cheers:

I gave my 99' KX125 the 134cc treatment. Rick Peterson's Motorsports sells the big bore kits and I think he merged with MaxPower. I had my engine done at phatheadracing.com it's a 30 minute drive from the casa. Check out his website and at $500 for the cylinder work, piston kit and phathead with 2 different compression domes it's cheaper then anyone else. I wanted the 144 kit but the powervalve set up can't handle the stress with that much meat cut off. But Paul at phathead told me the Suzuki and either Honda or Yamaha can handle the 144 treatment. Check him out and see what he can do for you.

i just ordered a cylinder head from phathead

i have heard, that the 144 kits make the bike even jumpyer then a stock set up. which i have heard is more snappy which is great for motocross/track but not as good for trail.

You guys don't know your stuff 100% first off RPM sold off all the old equipment to max power not to mention wickedly over priced. Seriously go with eric gorr best bang for your $$ and power band style depends greatly on porting and head mod's you choose.

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