2008 KTM XCF-W 250 who wants one???

Upgrading from my 05 450 MXC to an new 2008.

My two picks would be the XC-W & the XCF-W 250.

What do you think of the improvments on the XCF-W

from 07.

Other than looks I dont think there will be much actuall difference, and this is a good thing. The 08 is based on the 07 SXF250, different frame (Likely same geometry) Different shock geometry (likely better for SX) likely not any better than the 06 for off road but could possibley be. I dont think there will be any major upgrades but your dealing with a bike that is near pirfect in the 06 form, I just dont see them rocking the boat so to say. If your talking about improvments over the 450, there are to many to list.lol And if you add a HT 315cc build there is no advantige in having a 450 I kind of like compairing to a Adventure 920) after riding the 250 for a while getting on a RFS, it just feels very large and heavy and even more so with the 315.

For us CA guys, I wonder if the 08 will be a green sticker dirtbike?

3 weeks until mine (o8 XCFW) is here!

i loved my 07.

the new frame and plastic and hubs are sick.

so is the swingarm.

all were on last years 250sxf.

i really like the new tank.


For us CA guys, I wonder if the 08 will be a green sticker dirtbike?

Only the XCF-W not the XCF

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